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LMT Onsrud Complete Catalog

comprehensive training Increased productivity equals lower cost improved profitability and ultimately survival of your business in todays competitive environment. The LMT Onsrud Performance Team will work with all levels of your operation to increase your productivity. All levels of training general to production-specific on the shop floor are only a call away factory technical support LMT Onsrud provides your business with access to our staff of highly trained professional factory technicians. We can assist you wtih those difficult production machining problems while increasing your performance and productivity. on-site trouble shooting Correct tool selection proper hold-down techniques faster feed rates fewer and quicker set ups are all pieces to the producivity puzzle. The LMT Onsrud Performance Team offers tailored solutions for problem solving and productivity gains. custom tool design Not only does LMT Onsrud offer the largest selection of cutting tools for day to day operations but we will also design a tool for your specific application or material. We will take your tool requirements from the drawing board to sophisticated computer-aided design to in-house testing on our CNC router and CNC Mill. Custom tooling made to meet your productivity goals. Table of Contents Composites Honeycomb Drills 4-11 12-19 20-23 Chiploads Quote Request Forms Terms and Conditions 24-25 26-37 39 Table of Contents by Material PAGE COMPOSITES PAGE HONEYCOMB 54-200 NEW SC 3F 4F Spiral for Glass Reinforeced Plastic 5 29-000 HSS Hollow Core Cutters 13 56-000P SC 2F Straight 5 29-050 Diamond Grit Hogger 13 63-000 SC 1F Upcut Spiral 6 29-10029-100B SC Honeycomb Hogger 14 66-700 NEW DFC Multi-Flute Low Helix Coated 6 30-000 Replaceable Ring Type Honeycomb Cutter 14 66-800 NEW DFC Compression for Composites 6 30-300 HSS Integral Shank Honeycomb Hogger Cutter 15 66-900 NEW SC High Performance Composite Router 7 30-700 Reduced Weight Honeycomb Cutter 15 67-000 SC Fiberglass Burr Bits 8 3

1-000 HSS Cutter 16 67-200 SC 3F PhenolicComposite Cutter 9 31-100 HSS Honeycomb Cutter with Teeth 16 67-220 NEW PCD 3F PhenolicComposite Cutter 9 32-000 HSS Hogger 17 67-300 SC 2F Compression Spiral 9 32-200 NEW HSS 3 Piece Honeycomb Hogger 17 67-400 SC Un-Ruffer 10 34-000 Aircraft Panel Tools 18 67-500 SC Carbon Graphite Tool 10 34-100 NEW Potted Fastener Tools Coated 18 68-000 2F PCD Tipped Tools 10 68-200 PCD 2F SERF Cutter 11 68-300 NEW PCD 3F SERF Cutter 11 67-800 SC 8 Facet Drill 21 68-400 NEW PCD Ballnose 11 68-900 PCD 8 Facet Drills 22 85-800 NEW SC CFRP Drills 23 86-100 SC DFC Parabolic Drill 22 Available In Metric PAGE DRILLING Available In Metric Table of Contents by Series Number 29-000 HSS Hollow Core Cutters 29-050 Diamond Grit Hogger 29-100 29-100B Solid Carbide Honeycomb Hogger 13 13 14 30-000 Replaceable Ring Type Honeycomb Cutter 14 30-300 HSS Integral Shank Honeycomb Hogger Cutter 15 3