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King KPC PolyPro

Industrial Products King KPC Polypropylene Products Offer Excellent Chemical Resistance Against Organic Solvents Degreasing Agents and Electrolytic Products King KPC Polypropylene is produced with our proprietary K-StranTM process for unsurpassed flatness and quality up to 1 in thickness. For gauges up to 4 our state-of-the-art compression molding system is utilized to create the same quality slabs. We also have a proprietary process that makes massive shapes. King KPC Polypropylene offers excellent resistance to chemicals organic solvents degreasing agents and electrolytic products. It also has outstanding stain resistance with low moisture absorption. King KPC Polypropylene has exceptional impact resistance at room temperature with good physical properties low specific gravity and is stiffer than King KPC LDPE or King KPC HDPE. King KPC Polypropylene offers a good balance of thermal chemical and electrical properties with moderate strength. It possesses a good strength to weight ratio. King KPC Polypropylene has good insulating properties. Its excellent arc resistance and dielectric strength allows polypropylene to be used extensively in electrical applications. King KPC Polypropylene uses FDA approved materials and is tested and certified by NSF. It is a good material candidate for professional food services containment and operations. Other uses for KPC Polypropylene are larger span applications filter presses and die-cutting surfaces. Applications Containment Tanks and Covers Ducts and Hoods Plating Barrels Valve and Pump Components Specifications Standard Sheet Size 24 x 48 in mm 610mm x1219mm Standard Color Note Color accuracy can vary considerably on computer in 48 x 96 mm 1219mm x 2438mm monitors and printers. Please consult your distributor for a product sample before making critical color choices. Natural Standard Gauges 24 x 48 2-12 3 3-12 in mm 63.5mm 76.2mm 88.9mm 4 101.6mm 5 127mm 6 152.4mm 7 177.8mm 8 203.2mm 9 228.6mm 10 254mm 12 304.8mm Standa

rd Gauges 48 x 96 18 316 14 in mm 3.175mm 4.76mm 6.35mm 38 9.525mm 12 12.7mm 34 19.05mm 1 25.4mm 1-14 31.75mm 1-12 38.1mm 2 50.8mm Approximate Weight 24 x 48 19lbs 29lbs 38lbs lbs kg 8.61kg 12.7kg 17.23kg 56lbs 25.4kg 75lbs 34kg 113lbs 51.25kg 150lbs 68.03kg 188lbs 85.27kg 225lbs 102kg 300lbs 136kg 400lbs 181.4kg 480lbs 217.7kg Approximate Weight 48 x 96 100lbs 120lbs 140lbs lbs kg 45.4kg 54.4kg 63.5kg 160lbs 72.6kg 200lbs 90.7kg 240lbs 108.9kg 280lbs 127kg 320lbs 145kg 360lbs 163kg Tolerance Information K-StranTM Gauges 18 through 1 5 Length and width plus only at room temperature Compression Molding Gauges greater than 1 and under 1-12 10 Gauges 1-12 and greater plus only Length and width plus only at room temperature Custom sheet sizes gauges and colors available Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values 18-1 Nominal Values 1 Density gcc D1505 .905 0.898 Tensile Strength Yield psi D638 5400 4100 Tensile Strength Break psi D638 3000 2700 Elongation Yield D638 9 10 Elongation Break D638 100 100 p.s.i. D790 270000 145000 Durometer Flexural Modulus Shore D D785 66 66 Notched Izod Impact 2 D256 1.3 0.8 Unnotched Izod Impact D256 25 25 2 All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM Standards. Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications. King KPC Polypro is made entirely from FDA materials. This raw material can be NSF approved materials. The raw material used to make this product does not contain BPAs or Phthalates. RoHS compliant. Our Innovation. Your Imagination. KPC_12017-web