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Industrial Products King Performance Commodities King KPC ABS in a FR flame retardant Formulation is Used in Applications Such as Transformer Housings Switches Shelving Air Conditioners and Electrical Components Air Conditioning Components The advantage of King KPC ABS Black FR is that this material combines Industrial Enclosures strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber. A variety of modifications have been made to improve impact resistance toughness and heat resistance. The impact resistance does not fall off rapidly at low temperatures and stability under load is excellent with limited loads. King KPC ABS Black FR is considered superior for its hardness gloss toughness and electrical insulation properties. KPC ABS Black FR is easily machinable and available in smaller sizes. It is extensively used in prototyping the modeling industry and other mechanical applications. King KPC ABS Black FR is manufactured in our state-of-the-art compression molding system located in North Port Florida. Applications Shelving Switches Transformer Housings Specifications Standard Color Standard Sheet Sizes 48 x 96 in mm 1219mm x 2438mm Note Color accuracy can vary considerably on computer monitors and printers. Please consult your distributor for a product sample before making critical color choices. Black Standard Gauges 12 58 in mm 12.7mm 15.87mm 34 19mm 1 25.4mm 1-14 31.75mm 1-12 38.1mm 1-34 44.45mm 2 50.8mm 2-14 57.15mm 2-12 63.5mm 152.2lbs 69.03kg 202.9lbs 92.03kg 253.7lbs 115.07kg 304.4lbs 138.07kg 355.2lbs 161.11kg 405.9lbs 184.11kg 456.6lbs 207.11kg 507.4lbs 230.15kg in 3 mm 76.2mm Approximate Weight 128.8lbs lbs 101.5lbs kg 46.03kg 58.42kg lbs kg 608.8lbs 276.14kg Tolerance Information Gauges 12 through under 1-12 10 Gauges 1-12 and greater plus only Length and width plus only at room temperature Custom sheet sizes and gauges available Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values Density gcc D1505 1.19 Ten

sile Strength Break D638 20 Elongation Yield psi D638 6400 Flexural Modulus psi D790 377000 Durometer R Scale D785 97 Izod Impact D256 5.51 Vicat Softening Temp. C F D1525 83C 181F Heat Deflection Temp. 66psi C F D648 87C 189F Flammability Rating UL94 V-0 Flammability Rating for KPC ABS FR Nominal Thickness Nominal Values Unit UL Test Method UL 94 0.0591 in V-O UL 94 0.0787 in V-O5VB UL 94 0.0984 in V-O5VB UL 94 0.118 in V-O5VB UL 94 All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM Standards. Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications. This raw material contains UV stability. King KPC ABS Black FR is made entirely from FDA approved materials. King KPC ABS Black FR does not contain any or the 29 substances of very high concern based on the European Chemical Agency. King KPC ABS Black FR is RoHS Compliant. Our Innovation. Your Imagination. KPC_452017-R10