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Kernow North America FloorsharK

FloorSharK 170TFG Textured Floor Graphic Polyester Film Applications Indoor floor graphic displays Supermarkets shopping malls convention centers airports All smooth hard floors e.g. concrete tiling Low Pile Carpet tiles Benefits Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink dries tough eliminates the need to laminate Sharkskin structure gives great color gamut and high grip R10 certificated Easy to apply easy to remove does not tear into small pieces when removing No shrinkage - no risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print Ultra-tough polyester base resists tearing resists pallet trucks stiletto heels Post Printing Information for Latex Solvent Inks As with all filmic media this product must be allowed to gas-out after printing. This can be achieved by leaving the prints face up ideally 24 hours to set and harden the unique scratch resistant properties. If unable to do this e.g. with a long print run after printing the roll stand it vertically and loosely unwind as much as possible to allow air in and gases out. Recommended Conditions Printability Thickness Total 300 12.0 mil 365 gsm Thickness Face 170 6.7 mil Printroom 59F - 85F Usage -40F - 176F Storage 50F - 68F 15C - 30C -40C - 80C 10C - 20C 30 - 65 RH 10 - 90 RH 20 - 50 RH 224 gsm Adhesion AFTER24H Available widths 1372 1524 54 60 13 N 25mm The information provided herein is correct to the best of our knowledge. No liability for any errors facts or opinions is accepted. We recommend users make their own assessments to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of this product for their application. Copyright 2017 0717