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KATZ AMERICAS Display Board The Eco Solution

BENEFITS Anti-warping of- ..r. Excellent print quality Excellent cutting qualities Multiple thicknesses and custom sheet sizes available Environmentally friendly LINER - All natural paper with no chemicals bleaches or harmful whitening agents. We use a 96 white point paper with a matte finish for best printing and sharp image clarity. CORE - The unique solid core of KATZ Display Board resists warping and curling through the ability to handle changes in temperature and humidity. Our core is not made of multiple ply and does not have a grain direction making it lighter and stronger than composite materials like styrene foamboard and coroplast. GLUE - All natural starch adhesive. 96 WHITE POINT Recyclable Reduction in waste disposal costs -- - - LINER CORE GLUE Lighter than comparable materials -1- Printable on both sides APPLICATION Cl Ideal for indoor use Hanging signage retail display and exhibitions F D 2 High quality advertising pieces flyers mailers decorations Free standing displays counter top table top Standing signs 800.277.7898 5010 West WT Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Property Unit Thickness mm Recycled Content Sheet Weight Density Whiteness 1.2MM 48 PT Value point 1.20 1.20 48 48 1.60 lb lbin3 2.00 3.00 80 120 59 64 7.00 9.00 1.6MM 64 PT 2.0MM 80 PT 3.0MM 120PT .. ----------STANDARD SHEET SIZES 1--------- I DIGITAL PRINT 96X48 OFFSET PRINT 39X28 I I 48 PT ONLY 1..... Digital UV Offset Litho Screen Eco- Solvent I I ---.1 CUSTOM SHEET SIZES AVAILABLE HOW TO CUT A KATZ DISPLAY BOARD HOW TO HANG A KATZ DISPLAY BOARD Hangers or cables must be straight or slanted outward for proper hanging. .. Best results are achieved using a static knife oscillating knife or die cutting. To score KATZ Display Board with a half-cut set the blade to cut 0.5mm from the bottom of the board. Specific settings may vary for each machine and thickness. Never hang sign with the hangers or cable slanted inward. This ca

uses the board to curl. board thickness ---..- half through cut -------- through cut SUGGESTED DISPLAY METHODS INCLUDE II T-BARS GROMMETS Member of the Koehler Paper Group HANG TABS FRAMES CHANN EL STRIPS DIRECT MOUNTS ADHESIVES SHELF TABS APPROVED FOR MUTOH ESKOO .sE p ....-.RA - AGFA Canon ef 800.277.7898 durst fc JJA1maKr .. 5010 West WT Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269