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Glazing Solutions Line Card

GLAZING Solutions A CLEAR SOLUTION Piedmont Plastics is your source for glazing solutions. Our inventory of plastic sheet sealants tapes adhesives and bullet-resistant products fully supports glass and glazing professionals including suppliers and installers. Our materials are specialized to meet the unique demands of various glazing applications including windows storefronts curtain walls heavy equipment cabs security glazing and skylights. SHEET FEATURES Great Clarity Weatherable Lightweight Superior Strength Abrasion and Impact Fire Resistant Resistant Bullet Resistant UV Filtering Anti-fog SHEET PRODUCT OPTIONS Our selection of polycarbonate and acrylic sheet is available in a variety of choices to match your specific requirements Transparent Mirrored Opaque Custom Colors Twin-Wall CONTACT US Phone 704.597.8200 Toll Free 800.277.7898 5010 West W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269 GLAZING MATERIALS Polycarbonate Acrylic TUFFAK OPTIX HYGARD ACRYLITE LEXAN LUCITE LEXGARD Sealants PALGARD Silicone Urethane Accessories Polishes Adhesives Novus Weld-On Brillianize