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Duratron U2300 PEI

Duratron U2300 PEI Thermal properties 1 Melting temperature DSC 10C 50F min Test methods Units ISO 11357-1-3 C Glass transition temperature DMA- Tan 2 Thermal conductivity at 23C 73F Mechanical Properties 6 Electrical Properties Indicative values F Indicative values F 410 BTU 1.56 ASTM E-831 TMA 11 ASTM D648 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 23 to 100C 73F to 210F mm.K Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 23 to 150C 73F to 300F mm.K Heat Deflection Temperature method A 1.8 MPa 264 PSI Units ASTM D3418 C Coefficient of linear thermal expansion -40 to 150 C -40 to 300F Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 150C 300F Test methods WK.m mm.K ISO 75-1-2 F 410 Continuous allowable service temperature in air 20.000 hrs 3 C C F 340 Min. service temperature 4 C F Flammability UL 94 3 mm 18 in. 5 V-0 V-0 Flammability Oxygen Index ISO 4589-1-2 Tensile strength ISO 527-1-2 7 MPa ASTM D638 8 PSI Tensile strain elongation at yield ISO 527-1-2 7 ASTM D638 8 Tensile strain elongation at break ISO 527-1-2 7 ASTM D638 8 3 Tensile modulus of elasticity ISO 527-1-2 9 MPa ASTM D638 8 KSI 800 ASTM D732 PSI 14000 ISO 604 10 MPa ASTM D695 11 PSI 32000 Charpy impact strength - unnotched ISO 179-11eU kJm Charpy impact strength - notched ISO 179-11eA kJm ASTM D256 1 Flexural strength ISO 178 12 MPa ASTM D790 13 PSI 27000 Flexural modulus of elasticity ISO 178 12 MPa ASTM D790 KSI 850 Rockwell M hardness 14 ISO 2039-2 ASTM D785 114 Rockwell R hardness 14 ISO 2039-2 ASTM 2240 127 Shear Strength Compressive stress at 1 2 5 nominal strain 97 Compressive strength Izod Impact notched Electric strength IEC 60243-1 15 kVmm ASTM D149 Voltsmil Volume resistivity IEC 62631-3-1 ASTM D257 Surface resistivity ANSIESD STM 11.11 Ohmsq. ANSIESD STM 11.11 Ohmsq. 17000 770 10E12 Dielectric constant at 1 MHz IEC 62631-2-1 ASTM D150 3.7 Dissipation factor at 1MHz IEC 62631-2-1 ASTM D150 0 Colour Density Miscellaneous PRODUCT DATASHEET Duratron U2300 P

EI is a flame resistant Polyetherimide that is 30 glass-reinforced allowing this grade to exhibit the highest rigidity strength dimensional stability and heat resistance of all Duratron PEI shapes. Possessing the lowest Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion CLTE and superior strength-to-weight ratio and tensile strength this grade is favored as a solution for reusable medical devices analytical instruments electrical insulators and semiconductor process components and structural components that require high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures. ISO ASTM Beige Black gcm ISO 62 16 ASTM D570 17 0.18 ASTM D570 17 0.9 mkm QTM 55010 19 In.minft.lbs.hrX10- Specific Gravity Water absorption after 24h immersion in water of 23 C 73F Beige Black ISO 1183-1 ASTM D792 Water absorption at saturation in water of 23 C 73F Wear rate ISO 7148-2 18 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction - ISO 7148-2 18 - Limiting PV at 100 FPM QTM 55007 20 QTM 55007 21 Limiting PV at 0.1 1 ms cylindrical sleeve bearings 1.51 ft.lbsin.min Limiting PV at 0.5 ms cylindrical sleeve bearings QTM 55007 21 Chemical Resistance www.mcam.comensupportchemical-resistance-information Note 1 gcm 1000 kgm 1 MPa 1 Nmm 1 kVmm 1 MVm www.mcam.comensupportchemical-resistance-information NYP there is no yield point This table mainly to be used for comparison purposes is a valuable help in the choice of a material. The data listed here fall within the normal range of product properties of dry material. However they are not guaranteed and they should not be used to establish material specification limits nor used alone as the basis of design. See the remaining notes on the next page. Duratron is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials 1 of 2 Copyright 2023 The Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials group of companies. All rights reserved. - Date of issue revision 25072023 Polyetherimide