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Duratron CU60 PBI

Duratron D7000 PI Polyimide Duratron D7000 PI hot compression molded shapes possess superior electrical and thermal insulation properties and outstanding mechanical performance qualities for applications that demand higher temperature resistance. In addition to these characteristics Duratron D7000 PI offers great chemical resistance high strength and toughness and outstanding dimensional stability. For these reasons Duratron D7000 PI is often seen as an ideal solution for insulators high temperature fixtures valve seats gaskets and seals. ISO ASTM Melting temperature DSC 10C 50F min Glass transition temperature DMA- Tan 2 Thermal conductivity at 23C 73F Test methods Units ISO 11357-1-3 C Indicative values Note 1 gcm 1000 kgm 1 MPa 1 Nmm 1 kVmm 1 MVm Units ASTM D3418 F Indicative values C 375 F 705 WK.m 0.22 BTU 1.53 40 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion -40 to 150 C -40 to 300F Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 23 to 100C 73F to 210F Test methods ASTM E-831 TMA mm.K NYP there is no yield point