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DuPont Teijin Films™ Melinex® ST505

Datasheet Page 1 sur 2 MELINEX ST505 Product Description Melinex ST505 is a crystal clear high gloss heat stabilized polyester film based on Melinex 505. It is pretreated on both sides for improved adhesion. It can be overprinted with a wide range of solvent-based graphic inks and varnishes silver conductive and dielectric inks. It is ideally suited for graphic and certain circuitry layers in membrane touch switches. Our process of continual improvement in quality and specification now enables us to provide the following properties and benefits Heat stabilized to give excellent dimensional stability at temperatures up to 302F. Excellent adhesion to a wide range of solvent based inks graphics inks and varnishes silver conductive inks and dielectrics. Excellent durability and toughness giving long lasting switches particularly when compared with polycarbonate. Greatly superior solvent resistance to polycarbonate making Melinex ST505 particularly suitable for use in many industrial applications. Melinex ST505 is an unknurled film which is available in knurled form as Melinex ST506. Both are available for membrane touch switches. Approvals UL 94 VTM-2 - for 300 - 700 gauge 0.073 - 0.18mm Typical Properties Available Thickness Gauge 500 700 Property ELECTRICAL Dielectric Constant Dielectric Strength Surface Resistivity Volume Resistivity OPTICAL Gloss 60 Degrees Haze Haze TLT TLT PHYSICAL C.O.F. static Flexural Strength Flexural Strength Flexural Strength Flexural Strength THERMAL Coefficient of Hygroscopic Expansion Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Melting Point PEAK Thickness Value Units Test 2.9 3000 1013 1015 voltsmil Ohmssq Ohms-m ASTM D150 ASTM D149 ASTM D257 ASTM D257 500 700 500 700 150 0.03 0.03 88.0 87.0 500 700 0.70 20000 15000 20000 15000 cycles cycles cycles cycles ASTM D1894 ASTM D2176 ASTM D2176 ASTM D2176 ASTM D2176 8 x 10-8 inin RH 40 - 80 RH 10 x 10-6 265 ininF C 68 - 122 F ASTM D1003 ASTM D1003 ASTM D1003 ASTM D1003 ASTM D1003 httpwww.dupontteiji

nfilms.comFilmEnterpriseDatasheet.aspID270ResultPrint 09-12-2005 Datasheet Shrinkage MD 150C Shrinkage TD 150C Page 2 sur 2 500 - 700 500 - 700 0.15 0.15 Unrestrained 150C30 min Unrestrained 150C30 min Contact Info DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership 1 Discovery Drive P.O. Box 411 Hopewell VA 23860 USA Tel 800 635-4639 Fax 804 530-9867 Disclaimer Note These values are typical performance data for DuPont Teijin Films polyester film they are not intended to be used as design data. We believe this information is the best currently available on the subject. It is offered as a possible helpful suggestion in experimentation you may care to undertake along these lines. It is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience is gained. DuPont Teijin Films makes no guarantee of results and assumes no obligation or liability whatsoever in connection with this information. This publication is not a license to operate under or intended to suggest infringement of any existing patents. CAUTION Do not use in medical applications involving permanent implantation in the human body DuPont Teijin Films Medical Policy. For other medical applications see the Medical Caution Statement. DuPont Teijin Films accepts no liability for use of its products in medical applications not reviewed and approved by DuPont Teijin Films or for product misuse. DuPont Teijin Films supplies products to an agreed specification and does not manufacture products designed specifically for medical end use. Melinex Mylar and Cronar are registered trademarks of DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership. Teijin and Tetoron are registered trademarks of Teijin Limited and are licensed to DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership. Teonex is a registered trademark of Teijin DuPont Films Japan Limited and is licensed to DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership. httpwww.dupontteijinfilms.comFilmEnterpriseDatasheet.aspID270ResultPrint 09-12-2005