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Delrin 570

DELRIN 570 natural - Stock Shapes rods plates tubes Chemical Designation POM-H Polyacetal Homopolymer Colour cream white Density 1.56 gcm3 Main features very good dimensional stability excellent strength and stiffness good machinability very high creep resistant Target Industries automotive industry construction industry fixture construction gear manufacturing Fillers glass fibres Mechanical properties condition value Modulus of elasticity tensile test 73 F 350000 psi ASTM D 638 Tensile strength at yield 73 F 7700 psi ASTM D 638 Elongation at break tensile test 73 F 10 ASTM D 638 Flexural strength 73 F 14500 psi ASTM D 790 Modulus of elasticity flexural test 73 F 650000 psi ASTM D 790 Compression strength 73 F 1 strain 1500 psi ASTM D 695 Compression strength 73 F 10 strain 14500 psi ASTM D 695 0.90 ft-lbsin ASTM D 256 Notched impact strength Izod Rockwell hardness M Scale 87 Thermal properties condition value Melting temperature test method comment ASTM D 785 test method comment 347 F - 1 Deflection temperature 264 psi 311 F ASTM D 648 2 Deflection temperature 66 psi 329 F ASTM D 648 3 Service temperature Long Term 185 F - Service temperature Intermittent 300 F - 4.7210-5 ininF - Thermal expansion CLTE Electrical properties condition value surface resistivity 73 F 200e15 ASTM D 257 1 Dielectric strength 73 F 452 Vmil ASTM D 149 2 Dielectric constant 100 MHz 73F 3.8 ASTM D 150 3 Other properties condition value test method Moisture absorption 24 hrs 73 F 0.15 Flammability UL94 test method HB comment 1 Injection molded data 2 Injection molded data 3 Injection molded data comment ASTM D 570 - 1 Injection molded data 2 Injection molded data 3 Data obtained from public source 1 1 Injection molded data 1.5mm thick Resin specification ASTM D6778-06 POM0110G20A22220 Z01 superceding ASTM D4181-00 POM110G20A29990 UM19 PM2.2 Y73 Z01 Shapes specification ASTM D6100 POM0100G201124442 This information reflects the current state of our knowledge and is intended onl

y to assist and advise. It is given without obligation or liability. It does not assure or guarantee chemical resistance quality of products or their suitability in any legally binding way. Values are not minimum or maximum values but guidelines that can be used for comparative purposes in material selection. They are within the normal range of product properties and do not represent guaranteed property values. Testing under individual application circumstances is always recommended. Data is obtained from extruded shapes material unless otherwise noted. References to FDA compliance refer to the resins from which the products were made unless otherwise noted. All trade and patent rights should be observed. All rights reserved. Data sheet values are subject to periodic review the most recent update can be found at Ensinger Inc. Headquarters 365 Meadowlands Boulevard Washington PA 15301 USA Phone 800-243-3221 Sales Phone 800-869-4029 Technical Fax 724-746-9209 Date 20160621 Version A0