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Corrtec Protec CoPP

Typical Physical Properties PROTEC COPOLYMER POLYPROPYLENE Property Melt Index Density Tensile Strength Yield Elongation Break Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Flexural Modulus Notched Izod Impact Low Temperature Brittleness F50 Heat Deflection Temperature 66 psi Maximum Service Temperature Air Vicat Softening Point Hardness Shore D Absorption Flammability Rating Compliances Nominal Value 0.5 0.9 3500 10 Units g10 min gcm3 psi ASTM Test Method D 1238 D 1505 D 638 D 638 6.5x10-5 In.In.C D 696 145000 17 psi fl-lbin D 790 D 256 86 0 D 648 C 180 Long Term 0 298 F D 1525 72 D 2240 Max.0.01 D 57092 UL94 HB FDA USDA NSF natural only 801 E. Corey Street Scranton PA 18505 Phone 800 235-8320 Fax 800 858-9266 Physical properties of plastic sheeting are represented as Typical. Information contained herein is considered accurate to the best of our knowledge. It is offered for your consideration and investigation and is not to be construed as a representation or warranty expressed or implied. Our warranties are limited to those expressly stated in formal contracts or in conditions of sale on our invoices and order acceptances. Conditions and methods of use may vary and are beyond the control of Vycom therefore Vycom disclaims any liability incurred as a result of the use of this product in accordance with the data contained in our physical property charts. No information herein shall be construed as an offer of indemnity for infringement or as a recommendation to use the products in such a manner as to infringe any patent domestic or foreign. The Typical properties of our plastic sheet cannot be automatically used when engineering finished components and the fabricator or end user is responsible for insuring the suitability of our products for their specific application or end use January 1 2012