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Corrtec Corzan CPVC

CHEMICAL CORROSION REISTANT MATERIALS CORZAN CPVC UNITS OF MEASURE VALUE ASTM METHOD gcm 1.47 D 792 Water Absorp on .03 D 570 Rockwell Hardness R Scale 117 D 2842 Hardness Shore D 85 D 2240 Cell Class 23446 D 1784 Izod Impact lbin 10.0 D 256 Tensile Strength psi 7300 D 638 Tensile Modulus psi 390000 D 638 Flexural Strength psi 12700 D 790 Flexural Modulus psi 382000 D 790 Compressive Modulus Psi 156300 D 695 Heat Deflec on Temp 264 psi F 194 D 648 Coecient of Linear Expansion ininF 3.9 x 10 D 696 BTU 0.95 C 177 Ver cal Burn Test V0 UL 94 tested not listed Limi ng Oxygen Index 58 62 D 2863 inmin Did not burn D635 Dielectric Strength kVcm 1250 D 147 Dielectric Constant 60 HZ 3.70 D 150 Volume Resis vity Ohm cm 3.4 x 10 D 257 Power Factor 100 HZ 0.01 D 150 TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Physical Density Mechanical Thermal Thermal Conduc vity Flammability Ra ngs Fire Resistance per NSF standards Electrical Physical proper es of plas c shee ng are represented as Typical. Informa on contained herein is considered accurate to the best of our knowledge. It is oered for your considera on and inves ga on and is not to be construed as representa on or warranty expressed or implied. Our warran es are limited to those expressly stated in formal contracts or in condi ons of sale on our invoices and order acceptances. Condi ons and methods of use may vary and are beyond the control of Vycom Corpora on therefore Vycom Corpora on disclaims any liability incurred as a result of the use of this product in accordance with the data contained in our physical property charts. No informa on herein shall be construed as an oer of indemnity for infringement or as a recommenda on to use the products in such a manner as to infringe any patent domes c or foreign. The Typical proper es of our plas c sheet cannot be automa cally used when engineering finished components and the fabricator or end user is responsible for insuring the suitability of our products for their specific applica on or

end use