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Advanced Wear UHMW Line Card

ADVANCED WEAR TECHNOLOGY UHMW PLASTIC SOLUTIONS Advanced wear UHMW offers enhanced benefits beyond those of standard UHMW while still fulfilling the ASTM criteria for Ultra-High Molecular Weight UHMW plastic. Available at Piedmont Plastics this exceptionally durable material was designed to elevate the performance of existing plastic applications and as a substitute for metals in more challenging scenarios APPLICATIONS particularly in environments where superior abrasion resistance and toughness are required. PRODUCT FEATURES Improved Abrasion Resistance Lower Coefficient of Friction Self-Lubricating Decreased Thermal Expansion Contraction Full UV Stabilization High Chemical Resistance Lower Moisture Absorption Easy to Fabricate Machine Conveyor Guide Rails Sprockets Belt Scrapers Wheels Chain Guides Bearings Suspension Wear Plates Component Parts Rider Plates Pinion Gears Idler Rollers Flanged Roller Guide Shoes Wear Strips Shoes PRODUCT INFORMATION DIMENSIONS 48 x 120 THICKNESSES 0.25 to 2 COLORS Burgundy Red Custom-cut sizes are available upon request. PROPERTY TEST METHOD UNIT VALUE Specific Gravity ATSM D792 Glcm3 .93-.94 Tensile Ultimate ATSM D638 psi 5400 - 6000 Elongation at Break ATSM D638 340 - 370 Flexural Modulus ATSM D790 psi 110k - 130k Thermal Expansion ATSM D648 F 5.5x10-5 Hardness R ATSM D785 - 62 - 67 Abrasion Sand Slurry - 7 Best Izod Impact ATSM D256 ft. lbs. Notch No-Break Coefficient Friction ATSM D1894 - .09 - .19 versus steel CONTACT US Phone 704.597.8200 Toll Free 800.277.7898 5010 West W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269