Our Piedmont Plastics thermoforming team is fully equipped, trained and experienced in thermoforming plastic parts. Piedmont is an industry leader in thermoforming, supplying customized solutions for a number of industries including, mass transit, industrial, medical, aerospace, display, recreation, and material handling. We offer a number of different capabilities from our Charlotte, NC thermoforming location, including:

Pressure Forming
Pressure forming is a process similar to injection molding, but can be performed at a fraction of the price. A vacuum is applied to one side of a hot sheet, and positive air pressure is applied to the other side to get fine detail and texture. This process is especially beneficial for large parts and low volume small parts that necessitate optimum quality.

Vacuum Forming
Vacuum forming is used for thicker items that are more utilitarian in nature. This fabrication process is a simpler alternative to pressure forming but can achieve the same results with sheet texturing.

5 Axis Routing
Our Charlotte thermoforming location offers an array of 5 axis routers, including small and large routers. Using multi-axis robotic routers, our 5 axis routers can trim thermoformed 3 dimensional parts to their final specifications with the utmost precision.

Strip Heat Bending
For simple line bent parts, strip heat bending involves the heating of both sides of a routed and flat part and then bending to the final desired shape. Piedmont’s thermobender is a state-of-the-art 2-sided heat-bending machine with multi wire capability for gentle bends with no burning. This process is excellent for point of purchase displays and other acrylic products.

Our thermoforming team also has the unique capability to assemble parts via solvent and sonic welding to include plastic on plastic, plastic to metal bonding, and full assemblies with multi components added. For customers looking for a completed part for their final assembly, this value-added service is a solution to many production issues.

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