Marine Grade Acrylic Sheet

Marine Grade Acrylic Sheet

Piedmont Marine Grade® (PMG®) products are designed specifically for the marine industry. PMG Ultra® is the marine grade acrylic sheet choice of leading boat builders because of its high impact resistance, reducing the chance of breakage from screw insertion and the extreme stresses of the marine environment.

In our effort to supply the highest quality materials, each batch is tested at the factory to ensure consistency and fabrication performance. PMG Ultra® is also backed by an extended 10-year warranty, the highest in the industry. Common uses include cabin doors, bent companionway doors, windshields, consoles, hatches and boat dash panels.

PMG Ultra® is available in a variety of colors to match the most popular gelcoat colors, allowing builders various options for building customized, high gloss parts. Piedmont Marine Grade® products are made to offer superior performance, high customizability, and competitive prices. Piedmont Plastics has the largest sales force in the marine industry dedicated to providing solutions in both the OEM and aftermarket channels.

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