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Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet

Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet

A cost-effective alternative to cell cast sheet, Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet is created by pouring polymerized acrylic onto steel platforms, then continually heating and cooling it between highly polished steel plates to control curing and produce an exceptionally clear and stable final product. Continuous cast acrylic sheets are superior to the traditional cell cast sheets in maintaining a consistent and uniform thickness throughout the entire sheet.

Best known for its creative range of sizes, colors and tints and ease of fabrication and forming, continuous cast acrylic sheet is the material of choice for many skylight, hot tub/spa, and point of purchase display, event display, and sign manufacturers. Its combination of high molecular weight and thickness tolerance make it ideal for these applications.

Continuous cast acrylic sheets are available in a range of thicknesses, widths, lengths, colors and textures.

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