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Speciality Vehicle

Speciality Vehicle


Specialty Vehicle products have been at the core of Piedmont’s product offering for a decade. Recently, with the increased focus of wood free construction in the industry, various lightweight plastic alternatives have proliferated the market - all manufactured to endure and thrive in the unique Specialty Vehicle environment. Piedmont Plastics’ commitment to the Specialty Vehicle Market is evident in our extensive line of products. Our raw materials excel in applications from modesty panels, upholstery, enclosures, and cabinetry to name a few.

As a premier plastics distributor, our market and product knowledge allow our customers to benefit from the latest quality, design, and construction techniques. We recognize manufacturers face unique challenges achieving weight reduction while maintaining durability, form function, and aesthetic appeal. To counter these challenges, we offer design solutions for specialty vehicles that are “Better Where It Counts.” Whether you are a manufacturer of Emergency Vehicles, Food Trucks, and Mobile Medical Units or a manufacturer of Enclosed Cargo Trailers and Modular Buildings, Piedmont Plastics has a solution for your specialty vehicle.

We’ve developed a unique portfolio of products specifically for the Specialty Vehicle Market. We partner with specialty vehicle manufacturers, associations, engineers and designers to develop products that enhance quality and cost-effectiveness for the specialty vehicle industry.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles are constantly being upgraded so they are faster, more durable fuel efficient and affordable. Plastics can help reduce weight, noise, and vibration in an emergency vehicle. There are many Plastic Suppliers for Ambulances and Firetrucks… Why should you look to Piedmont’s Plastics? Because we are a provider to the OEM’s, it ensures you get the right product and correct look when purchasing from Piedmont Plastics.


We recognize that trailer manufacturers need aesthetically pleasing materials that are lightweight and durable. Our corrugated plastic sheeting is more durable than corrugated fiberboard but lighter in weight than wood and solid PVC sheet. Corrugated Polypropylene is lightweight, tough and abuse resistant due to its fluted ribs that support both surfaces. It's also chemical and water resistant making it an ideal solution for headliners in trailers. With an experienced Business Development Team that knows our customers and their products, Piedmont Plastics strives to bring you the best and most innovative products in the marketplace for Trailer Manufacturing.

Truck Conversion (Food Truck)

Piedmont's long history of providing innovative and custom engineered solutions has made us the recognized leader in the distribution of plastic sheets and finished parts to the Truck Conversion Market. Piedmont Plastics can supply virtually any plastic products for many applications within truck conversions whether it be headliners, vehicle graphics, cutting boards, exterior and interior walls, modesty panels, serving windows and more!


As RV coachbuilding has continually evolved over time, so have the needs of those requiring custom transportation. Piedmont Plastics works in collaboration with coach companies to provide plastic panels to meet the most discerning standards. From custom cabinets and panels for RVs and tour buses to door waist rails and other fittings for cars and limousines, Piedmont Plastics can supply plastic products for virtually any application. To assist with the development of your Product Offering, Piedmont Plastics brings years of experience in providing material recommendations and solutions to the RV Industry. We are experienced in eliminating rot, reducing weight and improving the appearance of these vehicles.

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