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Best Types Of Plastic For Windows

Sep 4, 2018
Best Types Of Plastic For Windows

As plastic technology has continued to evolve, so has the type of material used for modern windows. From cars to boats to architecture, plastic is becoming a common material for windows, and for a number of good reasons. Plastic is lightweight, can be easily molded and is less apt to shatter than most glass. If you are looking for a plastic material to use for windows, here are some of the types you will want to consider.

Acrylic Plastic Sheet

Acrylic is a popular choice for windshields, drive up windows and similar applications. It is particularly resistant to UV radiation, which makes it ideal for outdoor recreation applications, including vehicle and marine use. It will resist scratching better than glass and is fairly easy to seal. Acrylic also has the benefit of being an affordable plastic option.

Acrylic, particularly marine grade plastic like Piedmont Plastics’ Piedmont Marine Grade product, is specifically popular with boat windshield manufacturers. It has a high impact resistance that ensures it will not break under the pressure and stress of the marine environment or the manufacturing process.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is another popular material for windows. It weighs much less than glass and has high clarity. Like acrylic, it resists shattering and breakage, even in tough applications. Polycarbonate is easy to thermoform, which means it can be crafted into the exact shape needed for the window, even if that shape is curved for aerodynamics.

In addition, polycarbonate is easy to tint and shade, which allows for windows to be tinted to protect the occupants of a vehicle or a building from heat and glare. It is cheaper and more convenient to tint the plastic before installing it instead of adding a tinted film after installation, which is why polycarbonate is the material of choice for those who manufacture camper shells and truck cap windows.

Specialty Acrylic and Polycarbonate Sheet for Specialty Windows

Piedmont Plastics ha a number of specialty acrylic and polycarbonate sheet options that work well for windows. These have specific formulations to ensure they can meet the specific requirements for scratch and chemical resistance for your window needs. Many are flame retardant or feature high optical clarity that make them the ideal choice for windows.

To find the right plastic sheet for your specific application, contact the team at Piedmont Plastics. Our knowledgeable sales pros will help you choose the acrylic, polycarbonate or specialty sheet that will best fit your need, so you can enjoy the benefits of plastics for your window applications.