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The Importance Of Signage

Dec 8, 2017
The Importance Of Signage

Your business relies on many different things to reach your customers, but one of the first and most important is your signage. From the sign on your storefront or in your parking lot indicating who you are and what you offer to the signs within your facility that direct customers to the product or area they need, signs showcase how professional your business is. If you want to make a good first impression and ensure that your customers can find what they need once they arrive at your facility, you need to invest in good signage. Plastics are a key component of this.

Why Signage is Critical

When customers or clients come to your facility, they expect to be able to find what they need quickly and easily. Signage introduces them to your brand when they first enter your property, holding your logo and name, and then directs them through the parking area. Once inside, more signage takes them around the facility until they find what they came for. Proper signage eliminates frustration from your customers and improves their experience in your facility. Attractive signage supports your branding efforts and makes your company look professional. It can also support your marketing efforts at trade shows and in your storefront windows.

Why Plastic Is the Right Choice

If you are creating signs for your facility, plastics are the best choice for the base material. For everything from lighted LED signs and menu boards to directional signage and even traffic signage in your parking lot, plastic is a lightweight, fade-resistant weather-resistant and durable option to consider. You want to ensure your signs are attractive and professional looking, and plastic products can do just that.

Today's plastics are easily moldable and can even come in flexible sheet that is ideal for banners and trade show signage. Flexible plastics can be printed directly on, while rigid sheet can be printed on using screen printing and more. Translucent plastic materials are easily converted into lighted signs, allowing the light to shine through.

Piedmont Plastics has the materials needed to make attractive and durable signs. With custom cutting services and a wide range of plastic materials, Piedmont Plastics can help you choose the right materials for your signs. Our expert salespeople will help guide you through the large inventory we carry to find the exact product that will work for your particular signage application. Contact us today to learn more about our plastic materials and how they will transform your signage needs.