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Temporary Floor and Wall Protection

Temporary floor and wall protection helps protect surfaces from paint, dust, foot traffic and a variety of other impacts encountered during remodeling or construction projects. Contractors large and small use these practical and rugged products during all phases of a construction project.

Superior floor and wall protection is commonly made from high-impact polypropylene or polyethylene resin. Available in lightweight polypropylene (PP) fluted sheeting; it provides a durable, non-slip surface that is highly resistant to punctures or tears. PP fluted sheeting is impervious to most paints, caulking, liquids and many other materials used in construction. It also performs well in temperature extremes. Unlike cardboard floor coverings, fluted PP sheet is extremely flexible, reusable, easy to clean, and suitable for high-traffic areas. Further uses for heavy-duty PP fluted sheeting include countertop templates, subsoil protection, concrete forming, and protection for walls, stairs, columns, and ornamental architectural features.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide variety of sheet sizes and colors. Piedmont's large inventory eliminates ordering weeks in advance. We work closely with our supplier partners to provide you with custom sheet sizes for larger projects when standard sheets do not offer efficient yields. Call our qualified sales team for fast, experienced service.