Precision Board®

Precision Board is a rigid, closed cell, high density urethane foam.

Precision Board offers significant advantages to wood. It can be sandblasted, routed, carved or used in any other typical wood application.

Precision Board is not affected by solvents and works well indoors as well as outdoors.

Precision Board is completely waterproof. It is extremely durable and will not crack, twist, curl or dry rot during long term weather exposure. High or low environmental temperatures, rain, snow, ice or frequent sprinkler waterings have no effect on this state-of-the-art material.

• Unaffected by solvents
• Easily butt bonded or laminated
• Does not warp, crack, twist or dry rot
• Uniform density simplifies fabrication
• Accepts all sign paints including lacquers

Precision Board can be cut, sandblasted, routed, carved, or machined using standard equipment and tools. Precision Board does not have a grain direction, which means it lays flat and stays flat. It will not crack, twist, or curl after long exterior exposure. It is extremely durable.

Outstanding durability, coupled with the fact that it is completely waterproof, makes Precision Board the ultimate all around product. After routing, sandblasting, etc., it can be finished with any type of sign paints or finish, including lacquers and automotive paints. It is not affected by commonly used solvents. Precision Board can effectively replace wood, plastics and metals. Always prime and paint both sides of signage to keep it from being pulled/warped by the drying paint. This includes clear coating. Allow paint to reach total cure on both sides prior to placing in the sun as uneven drying will pull/warp the paint face.

Precision Board can be bolted or screwed using drywall screws or standard nuts and bolts.



4´ x 8´ and 4´ x 10´, 5´ x 8´ and 5´ x 10


1/2´´ to 20´´



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