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Framing and Mounting

Framing and mounting your picture or image helps transform it into a work of art. The advantages of acrylic sheet in the framing process are numerous. Acrylic is 17 times more impact resistant than glass, but only half the weight. As a result, acrylic helps protect what’s inside the frame while it’s on the wall or in transit. Acrylic can also have UV absorption properties that filter out over 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays. UV blocking and non-glare acrylics have become a staple in the high quality framing industry. Piedmont carries a variety of substrates, from Gatorfoam® products to acid-free materials for mounting artwork, photographs, images, and documents. Piedmont understands that there are a variety of techniques used in both framing and mounting and that every great picture deserves to be prominently displayed.