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What does it mean to be the premier distributor and converter of basic plastic shapes and films? It means providing superior products in the sizes our customers have come to rely on. Piedmont Plastics is proud to offer superior cutting solutions to our customers.

Piedmont provides cut-to-size services for plastic sheet, rod and tube products utilizing a variety of available cutting technologies such as panel saws, guillotines, planing and laser cutting. Our team specializes in maximizing yields and tolerance, while maintaining adherence to high quality standards. We have over 40 Schelling and SCM saws deployed throughout our branch network, providing the highest quality cut-to-size services in the industry.

We continue to maintain and invest in state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical controlled) cutting equipment and technology to meet the needs of our customers. Our branches can help you with any cutting job, large or small.

In addition to cutting, Piedmont offers exceptional milling and routing services. Visit our Finished & Semi-Finished Parts page for more details.

What is value?

Piedmont Plastics believes that quality people make the difference in the products you purchase. We want to work with you to be the solution to your challenges.

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